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Stylesheets Tutorial
Part 1 - Introduction


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a great new technology which is taking the web by storm. The strange thing is, very few people have actually heard of it. You have probably seen Stylesheets in action on many websites. Anywhere you see a text link change color when you move your mouse over it probably uses stylesheets.

Why Should I Use Them?

This is actually a very good question. Why should you learn a new web language just so that links on your site change color? Some people even say this is tacky. CSS actually has a lot more use than that. Image being able to change what an HTML tag does, to be able to update a whole site by changing one file. It is possible with CSS.

Cascading Style sheets let you do many things you could never do before. If you want to change the <a> tag to always display text in bold, red, underlined you could do it with Cascading Style sheets. If you later decided you wanted it green, font size 6 with no underline you could change it just as easily. You can even link to a stylesheet file from the pages on your site. When you update the stylesheet file you can see the updates in the rest of your site.

Stylesheets also allow you to do things you never could with HTML. You can set background colors for text, you can indent text using centimetre values and you can place items exactly where you want them on a page. Most of this can be done from a linked file and can be updated quickly.

Stylesheets can be included in your pages in three ways. A linked file on your server, at the top of the page which applies to everything on the page or an inline style which works like a normal HTML tag.

What Do I Do?

If this has made you interested in learning more about stylesheets and their possibilites then this tutorial is exactly what you need. Over the next 3 parts we will show you all the differnet ways you can use stylesheets and the possibilites available to you.

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