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Site Promotion Tutorial
Part 4 - FFA Links Pages


In part 3 I explained about directories and Yahoo! In this part I am going to focus on FFA Links pages. These are Free For All Links Pages, sites where anyone can add a link for free.

FFA Links - The Good and Bad Points

Some webmasters claim that FFA Links Pages are no use and that their bad points outweigh their good ones but I do not agree. I will show you why I think that it is worth submitting your site to them.

The first good point of being on a FFA Links Page is, of course, that there is a chance that someone will click on the link on the page to your site. Unfortunately, there are so many thousands of sites, big and small, who are submitting to these pages that your site has a very low chance of being clicked on, in fact some FFA Links Pages only keep links for a few weeks before deleting them as they have so many submissions.

There is one time, though, when your link has an extremely good chance of being clicked on. Sometimes only for a day, your link will be listed as a new link on the main page (or a major page) and at the top of your category. Most of the FFA Links pages are very popular and get thousands of visitors every day. In your first week you will get nearly all of your clicks and most of these will be in the first 24 hours.

The main reason why you should add your site to these pages is that Google includes the number of sites who link to you in its calculation of how high your site appears in the rankings. If you are listed on a FFA Links Page you will have another site linking to you, and your ranking will rise.

One major disadvantage of the FFA Links Pages is that they have realized that it is good for a webmaster to have a link on their page as they have so many visitors. Because of this they can request your e-mail address before you submit your site. They will then send you what is effectively spam (unsolicited e-mail). Although you can have your name removed from their mailing lists it is usually harder to do this than delete the e-mails.

Submitting Your Site

Submitting your site to a Free For All Links Page is a little more complex than adding your site to a directory or search engine. Unlike for search engines this is where mass submission tools become very useful.

Before you start, though, there is something very important you must do. Go to a free e-mail provider like Hotmail or Yahoo and set up a free e-mail account. This is very important because you do not want to use your main e-mail address when signing up because of the amount of e-mail you will receive from the FFA Links Pages.

Next go and find a good site submission tool. There will be links on many major webmaster sites (try our directory) or you can do a search. Try to find ones which offer the largest number of sites (usually over 1000) as you need to get into as many as possible to get a good number of hits. Don't pay any attention to the search engines it says it will submit your site to. They don't usually work and, if you have been following this tutorial, you will already have submitted your site.

Now you must fill in the form it provides with your sites name and URL and the e-mail address you set up. You may also need to provide a description or keywords, for which you should use your standard ones. Click submit and wait for the confirmation.

Other Sites

There are some FFA Links Pages which are not usually included in the site submission tools. These are usually of a slightly higher quality and they sometimes require to look at your site or a linkback from your site to add you. Some ones you should submit personally to are:



  • The Free Site



Resubmitting Your Site

ow you are on some FFA Links Pages you should start getting some extra traffic to your site but, as I mentioned earlier, you will soon go down in the rankings and some sites will even drop your site. I would suggest that, at least once a month, you resubmit your site (possibly even using a different submission tool) so that you are back at the top again. Some FFA Links Pages will not allow this but it will all be automated and will not make any difference to the submission process.

Part 5

In part 5 I will show you how you can get visitors to your site using reciprocal links.

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