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Home : Tutorials : FTP : Part 2

FTP Tutorial
Part 2 - Transferring Files


Once you have connected to the FTP server you will want to upload and download files. First of all I will cover how to download a file to your computer and then how to upload a file to a remote server.


As in the last part, I will use Cute FTP to demonstrate how to download a file from the archives at This procedure is nearly the same in all FTP programs.

The first thing you need to do is to set up a profile for the connection. Click Add Site and call it

The host address is
You don't need a user name and password so choose anonymous login or type anonymous as your user name.

You can leave the rest of the variables and click OK. Now double click the connection to connect to the site.

You should get a view like this on the screen. The left pane shows files on your computer and the right pane shows files on the remote computer. To find a file to download use the right pane as you would use Windows Explorer or My Computer.

An example of some files to download are found in pub, win95, scrsave

Once you are there right click on a file and choose Download from the menu. It will be transferred to your hard disk. This is how to download any file from an FTP site.

Uploading Files

A major use of FTP is to upload files to a server. This is mainly used when creating websites. If you would like to try uploading a file you will first of all need a web host with FTP access. You can find a free one at

Once you have got the FTP server information from the host, set up a new profile as you would for downloading (you will need a user name and password this time) and connect to the server.

The screen will appear the same as it did before. Now you will want to find the file to upload. In the left pane navigate to the folder which holds the file (or files) on your computer. Now navigate to the folder you want on the right hand pane (on the server). If you would like to create a folder right click in the right pane and choose Make new directory...

To upload a file choose it in the left hand pane and right click it. Click Upload. The file will be uploaded to the server. Now use a web browser to check that the file exists on the server.

Some FTP Tips

Here are a few tips for using FTP:
  • If you have the choice, download by FTP, not via the browser as it is much faster.
  • You can sometimes use an FTP site for normal download sites by adding ftp. to their address, for example the ftp site for is
  • Upload and download large files when there is not too much web traffic (during the night).

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