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Home : Tutorials : Beginners : Part 4

Beginners Tutorial
Part 4 - Hyperlinks & Preparation For Uploading

More Hyperlinks

During earlier parts I have shown you how to add hyperlinks to your pages to link to an e-mail address, an external site and and internal page. You will now learn how to use them for navigation around a multi-page site and the basics of web navigation.

To review from the last part, if you want to add a local hyperlink you type the page name in the URL box (see the last part for more information). This is actually quite simple to get the hang of and you will soon be creating sites with multiple pages.

Site Structure

It is very important to structure your site properly both for users and for yourself. You may find it useful to make subfolders for your site to make it easier to find what you want (e.g. the URL of the Free Webmaster Help directory is:

This means it is the 'index.htm' page, in the 'directory' subfolder on the '' server.

The other type of structure for your site is the structure that people will see when they are using the site. An example of this having a link to all major parts of your site on each page (look on the left of this page). This helps people to find what they are looking for easily.

Two other very important web design 'rules' of site structure are:
  • People should not be more than 3 clicks away from what they want
  • People do not like to use the back button

If you follow these then your site will be easy to use and this will help it to be more popular.

Preparing For Site Launch

Now you have finished your site you will want to put it on the internet. There are several things you have to do before you do this, though. The first thing is to make sure your whole site is in one folder on your computer and that all the links work.

Now you will need to find a web host for your site. A web host is a company with very powerful computers continuously connected to the internet. They have software which will allow users to access files on the computers.

In the future you will need to decide many things before picking a host but for a simple site there is only really one major thing which matters: your site's address. You will probably not want to buy a domain name (like yet so you will need to have a subdomain ( or Your service provider may give you space with your account so you could check there first.

Before reading the next part you may want to look around and find a web host you like. A good place to start is, which reviews and rates many free web hosts.

Part 5

In the next part I will show you how to upload your site using FTP.

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