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Ask The Webmaster is a system which allows anyone to ask a web development related question which will be answered by the webmaster of Free Webmaster Help,

Simple database.
1/9/2003 Andrew asks....

I am interested in starting a 'news' website for some local bands and intend to update it as things happen. I would like to update it as simply as possible, for example, adding an article, and for the webpage to read from it automatically. What would be the simplest way to do this? I was considerin...

The Webmaster Replies:
There's lots of different ways you can go about it, and your choice would be best based on what scripting options you have available on your server, and your own knowledge. The easiest way would be to get a premade script. There are a great number available at These ra...

Skipping results in MYSQL
31/8/2003 Daz asks....

How would I skip results in a mysql query?

The Webmaster Replies:
This would depend on exactly what your criteria for skipping them was. The easiest way to skip rows is to use an if statement, for example: if($id!=15) { DISPLAY CODE } This would only execute the display code if the id of the row (stored in $id) was not 15 (hence missing the row with id 15).

27/8/2003 Wendy Schkeep asks....

Hi, I'm going to be selling a product online, what is the cheapst way of having people pay per credit card? Thanks, Wendy

The Webmaster Replies:
The cheapest and easiest way is to use PayPal ( This will allow you to take credit cards, and can be as simple as a buy now button (just paste the code into your website) or as complex as fully integrated shopping carts. They charge a small transaction fee but it's free to sig...

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