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Make Your Site Sticky

Because of the very competitive nature of the internet, webmasters must spend more and more of their time promoting the websites they build and less time developing new designs and content. This becomes a problem because small sites don't have the time or resources to be both popular and have good content. Luckily there is a solution to this!

Imagine this: you only have to get a few new visitors every day but you still get lots of visits and every day the numbers increase. Although not quite possible, there is a way to do something very like this - make your site sticky. This basically means that people want to come back to your site again and again.

There are many ways to do this, some are more effective than others. The first way is relatively easy to do because all it involves doing is writing content. Then, instead of adding it whenever you finish it, plan some sort of schedule for the publishing of the information. Possibly add some once a week or once every two weeks. Don't try to set unrealistic goals, though because updating can become quite hectic when you are busy. Updating your site regularly (and telling people the fact) will encourage people to return regularly to see the new content.

Another way you can make your site sticky is by having a newsletter which you send out regularly. This will give you the chance to tell people about new sections on your site and (hopefully) when reading about them, they will visit. If you want to keep track of whether people follow links in your newsletter add a ? and some text after the URL. Normal HTML pages will ignore this but it will show up in your server logs.

The most popular use for the internet is e-mail. You can get benefit from this by offering free e-mail services on your site. If someone signs up and uses the e-mail address as their main e-mail they should visit several times a week (if not every day) and each visit will be quite long. This gives you the chance to grab their attention with adverts, text or just to gain more awareness about your site. will let you offer free e-mail to your visitors for free.

Finally, you could add some news to your website. Some companies (Vibrant Media) will allow you to add a newsfeed which will be updated throughout the day (just like the ones on the major portal sites). This will benefit you because it requires no extra work by you and you can have very relevant headlines to your site (Moreover allow you to choose from over 300 newsfeeds). They are completely free and can be customized to look the same as the rest of your site.

As you can see, you can save yourself a lot of work by making your site sticky and it's not even that hard to do. What are you waiting for?

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