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If you have many visitors to your site then people will regularly be e-mailing you about the site and what they are using there. If you are operating a business it is a good idea to have a separate address for your site, as it gives a much better impression. For example:

For more information e-mail me at:
For more information e-mail me at:

The e-mail address you are using does not necessarily have to be something@you but this sometimes can be better if you need multiple addresses. If you need an address for use with your site you can get one from Hotmail or Yahoo, but this may not be necessary.

Most good free web hosts (and all paid hosts) will offer you an address or addresses. This could take several forms depending on what type of address you have. If your website's address is or something like that then they might give you one of three options: POP3 E-mail (which can be checked from an e-mail program like Outlook Express) Web-based E-mail (which you check on a website) Redirection (which redirects to an e-mail address of your choice

If you have either a subdomain like or your own domain name (like then you could have one of the following options (if you have your own domain then just miss out the .provider part) Redirection (anything before the @ is sent to one address) Redirection (each different word before the @ is sent to a specified e-mail account) Redirection (to separate addresses) POP3 or Web-based

If you do not get addresses with your host or just want a separate address to redirect your site's mail to then you can sign up for a web-based account or a POP3 account with a 3rd party provider.

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